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Jan 23

“Journalism Is Not a Crime” – Human Rights Watch

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(URJII ONLINE) The Ethiopian government is stepping up oppression of independent journalists, and suppression of media freedom by Ethiopia’s government is curtailing democratic space ahead of national elections due in May, a leading rights group said in a report on Thursday. “Ethiopia’s government has systematically assaulted the country’s independent voices, treating the media as a …

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Nov 21

Doomsday Pope Warns Man’s Greed Will Destroy World

Pope Francis

(URJII ONLINE) Pope Francis demanded a more just distribution of the world’s bounty for the poor and hungry, telling a U.N. conference on nutrition that access to food is a basic human right that shouldn’t be subject to market speculation and quests for profit, according to Associated Press. He also warned Thursday, November 20, 2014, that …

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Nov 18

In Defense of the Amnesty International (AI) Latest Report on Repression in Oromia

(URJII ONLINE) “… the TPLF led government promotes inter and intra ethnic and religious conflicts and present itself as a peacemaker.  Such conflicts are used to divide and weaken the Oromo people. Examples of such conflicts include the conflicts between Oromo and Gumuz in the West, Oromo and Ogden in the East and the South, …

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Nov 12

Ethnic Clash Claims Lives: Government’s Bias a Factor

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(URJII ONLINE) A border dispute-related clash between the Oromos and the Ogadenis in eastern Ethiopia has claimed seven lives from the side of the Oromos in the most recent clash between the two neighbouring ethic groups due to border dispute. The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) the statement (UA) below in …

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Nov 09

The Endless Crackdown against Independent Media in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Press

(URJII ONLINE) At least six publications have had to close in recent months and around 30 journalists have fled abroad since the start of the year as a result of the biggest crackdown on the privately-owned press since 2005, one reflecting a government desire to make a clean sweep of independent media before parliamentary elections …

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Oct 28

Ethiopia: Ethnic Oromos Arrested, Tortured and Killed by the State in Relentless Repression of Dissent

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(URJII ONLINE) Thousands of members of Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, are being ruthlessly targeted by the state based solely on their perceived opposition to the government, said Amnesty International in a new report released today. Below is a full text of the report issued, today, October 28, 2014, by Amnesty International based on …

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