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Jul 03

Ethiopian Democracy: Flourishing or Diminishing?

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(URJII ONLINE) Ethiopia holds general elections every five years; and the most recent one was held this past May, 2015. The ruling TPLF/EPRDF party, which has been in power for the past twenty four years, announced the results of the election this past Monday, June 22, 2015. In the announcement, the ruling party declared itself …

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Jun 23

Ethiopian General Election 2015: An Insult to the People and Democracy


(URJII ONLINE) Every five years the Ethiopian people are invited by the ruling party to take part in a democratic pantomime called ‘General Elections’. Sunday 24th May saw the latest production take to the national stage. With most opposition party leaders either in prison or abroad, the populace living under a suffocating blanket of fear, …

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Apr 17

Ethiopia’s Economic Miracle Is Running Out of Steam

(URJII ONLINE) Just over 30 years ago, Ethiopia’s famine regularly made the news. Gruesome accounts of up to a million deaths stemming from drought and civil war captured the attention of aid agencies, sympathetic governments, and humanitarian groups around the world. Contrast that with the past decade, when Ethiopia averaged an economic growth rate of slightly better than …

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Mar 05

Human Rights Watch Urges World Bank to Address Ethiopia Findings

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(URJII ONLINE) (Washington, DC) – The World Bank should fully address serious human rights issues raised by the bank’s internal investigation into a project in Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to the bank’s vice president for Africa. The bank’s response to the investigation findings attempts to distance the bank from the many …

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Mar 05

Militarization and Alternative Biofuel Drives Ethiopian Land-Grab

Ethiopian Landgrab - Image I

(URJII ONLINE) Ethiopia promises to meet its Millennium Goal objectives of creating a middle class and providing education and health care for its indigenous tribes. India promises to reduce its green house gas emissions from and dependency upon fossil fuels through production of alternative biofuels. Both Ethiopia and India find that leasing or buying large tracts of “fertile basket” land, …

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Feb 24

TPLF Leaders’ Arrogance and Contempt: Inviting Further Bloodshed and Loss of Lives – HRLHA Statement

Abay Tsehaye - Cropped

(URJII ONLINE) Since the downfall of the military government of Ethiopia in 1991, the political and socioeconomic lives of the country have totally been controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front/TPLF leaders and business institutions. As soon as the TPLF controlled Addis Ababa, the capital city, in 1991, the first step it took was to …

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