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Category Archive: Editorials

Jul 30

Ethiopians Aren’t Optimistic That Obama Can Help End Rights Abuses

Barack Obama

(URJII ONLINE) Barack Obama became the first US president to visit Ethiopia on Sunday during the second half of a five-day trip to East Africa that also saw him visit Kenya, his father’s homeland. Both countries are key American allies on the continent due to the corridor they form around Somalia — the epicenter of …

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Jul 29

Development Finance Talks in Ethiopia Close to Collapse: Charities

G77 Logo

(URJII ONLINE) ADDIS ABABA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Talks between rich and poor countries in the Ethiopian capital, aimed at agreeing on the financing of the United Nations’ bold new global development agenda, are on the brink of collapse, advocacy groups said on Wednesday.

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Jul 03

Ethiopian Democracy: Flourishing or Diminishing?

Logo - HRL

(URJII ONLINE) Ethiopia holds general elections every five years; and the most recent one was held this past May, 2015. The ruling TPLF/EPRDF party, which has been in power for the past twenty four years, announced the results of the election this past Monday, June 22, 2015. In the announcement, the ruling party declared itself …

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Jun 23

Ethiopian General Election 2015: An Insult to the People and Democracy


(URJII ONLINE) Every five years the Ethiopian people are invited by the ruling party to take part in a democratic pantomime called ‘General Elections’. Sunday 24th May saw the latest production take to the national stage. With most opposition party leaders either in prison or abroad, the populace living under a suffocating blanket of fear, …

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May 08

Ethiopia: The Endless Violence against Oromo Nationals Continues

(URJII ONLINE) Harassments and intimidations through arbitrary arrests, kidnappings and disappearances have continued unabated in Ambo and the surrounding areas against Oromo youths and intellectuals since the crackdowns of last year April, 2014, when more than 79 Oromos, mostly youths, were killed by members of the federal security force.

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May 04

The US Heaping Irresponsible Praise on Ethiopia’s Regime

Press Freedom Day - Eth (Image: TesfaNews)

(URJII ONLINE) ETHIOPIA’S ELECTIONS, scheduled for May 24, are shaping up to be anything but democratic. A country that has often been held up as a poster child for development has been stifling civic freedoms and systematically cracking down on independent journalism for several years. It was consequently startling to hear the State Department’s undersecretary …

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