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Category Archive: Oduu

Oct 07

Irreecha Baranaa (Bara 2014) Bishooftuu, Oromiyaatti

Irrecha 2014 - Bishoftu II

(Gabaasaa URJII) Irressi baranaa (bara 2014) gama tokko tokkoon gaarii ture. Gaarii dha wanti nama jechisiisu qabxiin guddichi tokko ummatni amma illee haamilee qabaachuu isaa mullisuu dha. Lakkofsi ummataa tilmaamamuu hin danda’au. Tarii gara miliyoona 5 hin ta’uu laata? Magaalattiin namumaan guutamtee oolte. Namni maal akka fakkaatu hunda hubatta. Dheeraa, gabaabaa, qallaa furdaa, diimaa gurracha, …

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Aug 08

Endless Injustices – At the Centre of Discussion at OSA 28th

Partial view of the conference

(URJII ONLINE) The denial of justice, absence of fair treatment and equality among the various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia have been the major themes and focuses of presentations and discussions at the 28th OSA Annual Conference held from August 2nd to 3rd at Howard University in Washington D.C. in USA. Denial of justice, racial …

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May 23

Worrisome Situations of Oromo Youth in Detention Centres

Tortured Oromo Youth (Source: Facebook)

(URJII ONLINE) While kidnappings and/or extra-judicial arrests and detentions have continued particularly around academic institutions in different parts of the regional state of Oromia in Ethiopia, disturbing and worrisome reports are coming out of detention centres where the Oromo students arrested in the past two weeks are being held. According to HRLHA, URJII’s closest partner …

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May 15

Ragaa Alagummaa fi Diinummaa/Proofs of Enmity

Ragaa Diinummaa fi Alagummaa

(URJII ONLINE) Humni diinaa biyya keenya humnaan qabattee jirtu, kunoo haala kanaan, gara-jabina daangaa hin qabneen, amma nyaattee-dhugdu ol-fuutee ijoollee keenyatti buufatti. Innumtuu tokko yookaan lama miti; shan, jahaa fi torbaa taatee.  

May 14

Ambo under Siege: Daily Activities Paralyzed

Toronto Protest I

(URJII ONLINE) The brutal attempts of crackdown against Oromo protesters by the Agazi Special Squad continuing unabated in different parts of the regional state of Oromia, reports coming from Ambo in central Oromia indicate that the town and its surrounding has come under virtual seizure by the Agazi Federal Armed Force, daily movements and activities …

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Feb 05

Kenya: Arrest and Disappearance of Ethiopian Oromo Refugees

HRLHA logo

(URJII ONLINE) Usual as it has been in the past twenty or so years, four Oromo refugees have been arrested or kidnapped in Nairobi, Kenya on the first of this month of February, 2014, and taken to an unknown destination. Below is an URGENT ACTION issued by the HRLHA regarding the current situation around the …

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