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Category Archive: Asii fi Achi

Nov 18

In Defense of the Amnesty International (AI) Latest Report on Repression in Oromia

(URJII ONLINE) “… the TPLF led government promotes inter and intra ethnic and religious conflicts and present itself as a peacemaker.  Such conflicts are used to divide and weaken the Oromo people. Examples of such conflicts include the conflicts between Oromo and Gumuz in the West, Oromo and Ogden in the East and the South, …

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Oct 07

Irreecha Baranaa (Bara 2014) Bishooftuu, Oromiyaatti

Irrecha 2014 - Bishoftu II

(Gabaasaa URJII) Irressi baranaa (bara 2014) gama tokko tokkoon gaarii ture. Gaarii dha wanti nama jechisiisu qabxiin guddichi tokko ummatni amma illee haamilee qabaachuu isaa mullisuu dha. Lakkofsi ummataa tilmaamamuu hin danda’au. Tarii gara miliyoona 5 hin ta’uu laata? Magaalattiin namumaan guutamtee oolte. Namni maal akka fakkaatu hunda hubatta. Dheeraa, gabaabaa, qallaa furdaa, diimaa gurracha, …

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Apr 14

A Large-Scale Attack against Refugees in Kenya

Kasarani Stadium

(URJII ONLINE) The Kenyan police and security agents have arbitrarily arrested and detained around 6000 refugees who are originally from neighbourning Horn of African countries; and have continued hunting for more, reported HRLHA reporter in Nairobi, Kenya on April 13, 2014. This indiscriminate action against all immigrants who have been in the country began on …

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Feb 05

Kenya: Arrest and Disappearance of Ethiopian Oromo Refugees

HRLHA logo

(URJII ONLINE) Usual as it has been in the past twenty or so years, four Oromo refugees have been arrested or kidnapped in Nairobi, Kenya on the first of this month of February, 2014, and taken to an unknown destination. Below is an URGENT ACTION issued by the HRLHA regarding the current situation around the …

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Dec 22

Dictatorship and its Evolution: Contrasting Burma with Ethiopia


By Messay Kebede:  Since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, the iconic leader of the opposition to the military rule, Burma’s (Myanmar) political evolution has become an important discussion topic for political observers and analysts. Detecting a promising shift toward democratic opening, Hillary Clinton recently visited Burma and held talks with political leaders. The …

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Dec 20

Ethiopia – Appeal to the Development Assistance Group (DAG) from Oromo community of South Rogaland, Norway

Urjii 20, Dec 2011  The Oromo community of South Rogaland, Norway, released an appeal  demanding  the International Civic Organizations,  International Diplomats  and others to cooperate with  them to fight against  the TPLF Government to stop the land grab ruining the lives of million citizens in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambela, Benshangul and others. The following is  an …

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